A question that we make about this new phenomenon is whether we should really consider eSports as a proper sport. Although physically it is evident that it does not stand out for its wear, there are an infinity of factors that make it something very complex and within the reach of very few. We could mention: mental concentration, coordination of movements, skills, reflexes, pressure, maximum competitiveness and much more.

What does it means sports and eSports.

The definition of sport in general is simple; organized games where physical and / or mental abilities are required that make it competitive and also have a significant number of followers.

As it seems, E-sports meet all the requirements, but let’s see what is behind it. While E-sport refers to electronic competitions (carried out through an electronic machine, computer or console) between human players where their ability transcends the result, we should not ignore the random or chance factor in this last consideration.

We have highlighted players human factor for a reason. There is artificial intelligence in electronic machines. This aspect is very important to highlight, because the figure of “cheater” appears in some of these competitions. In the gamer world, it refers to the use of traps that destroy “fair play”. Usually they are software, evasion programs or, in short, any tool that automates player’s ability.

Anyway, if we refer to the strict meaning to which we have alluded previously, it is evident that it can be considered as sport.

In fact, the International Olympic Committee commented “Competition within eSports can be considered a ‘sports activity’, if players prepare and train with an intensity that can be compared to that of athletes in traditional sports


There are detractors of considering it as such. First of all, it is true that physical activity as in sports such as athletics or soccer is not comparable. However, we could classify it in the field of mental activity, as the popularly known sport chess.

Nevertheless, there is point that could question eSports as a sport. In the video game industry, the patterns of creation, production, ownership, promotion and distribution follow private guidelines drawn up by large companies motivated by economic interests.

If we keep thinking about this premise; It is true that E-sports are not under the tutelage of a “Sports Federation” that defines its legal framework. What would happen if a federation was created that established its own rules of the game? Would you have free choice of rules if the ownership of the games belongs to large private companies? These are the issues that probably prevent the worldwide expansion of E-sports.


Well, the evolution of this phenomenon is at cruising speed and in October 2020 the Spanish Federation of Videogames and Esports Players (FEJUVES) is born and if we visit its website, this feferation is considered as: “A non-sports federation, non-profit, a private entity with its own legal personality ”. We can compare it with any body of our current sports such as the RFEF, which is the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation and we observe that there is a full control of its functions competitions, representation, ensuring compliance with rules, etc … We observe that the FEJUVES competencies and responsibilities are still very limited, but without a doubt, they will contribute to the support of the community and its backing.

We still have a long way to go, but this first step by this new Spanish organization for eSports is to be appreciated and worthy of being supported by the community, I invite you to watch its presentation on Youtube here


The trascendance of sports such as football, basketball and all traditional sports is supported by international organizations, universal rules, sponsors, experts, coaches with official titles, and much more. All with a single common factor: the system operation and its rules.

While in the electronic world there are many uncontrollable elements. Private intellectual property factors very difficult to regulate. Each game has its own rules and they tend to be modified with relative frequency depending exclusively on the financial interest of the founding company.

This aspect is essential to know how this new sport works. It is a truly dynamic world, where the flow of professional players from one game to another is constantly occurring. This depends on the changes that take place in their respective games in order to maintain or extend their professional career. Many can only be in the top positions for a short time.

Therefore, and finally, the regulation of the system will not take place until the knowledge of this new phenomenon is deepened. To equip the organisms, both generic and specific, depending on the game we are dealing with, with the competencies and responsibilities necessary for their full operation. It will be then when the relevance of eSports will exceed all expectations.

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