We go back to 1950s, to talk about eSports history, specifically to 1958 when a physicist named Willy Higinbotham invented a very simple game on a black and white TV. He manages to move a ball inside a television by bouncing from one side to the other.

However, the invention of the video game as such is attributed to another author, Nolan Bushnell, who in 1972 invented Pong (it was similar  one to Higinbotham’s game but with paddles). Atari is then created, the most veteran of us begin to remember our childhood from this point. It was the first company to exploit this type of technology.

Its rapid growth contributed to the famous, Space Invaders (Martians) and Pac Man (Pac-Man), 1983 (my year).

The first video game tournament was held in 1980, it was organized by Atari, in this tournament the first rivalries between gamers took place: Bill Heineman, Frank Tetro and Hing Ng were the finalists of the famous Space Invaders tournament.


In the 80s, eSports history became the 8-bit era and the Japanese giants appeared: Sega and Nintendo.

But everything changed radically in the 90s, with 16-bit machines, in a few years everything multiplied, new consoles (Play Station) appeared, new genders, new 3D virtual worlds and, mainly, the online world. Parallel to the online world, and due to the fact that in its beginnings it did not provide the adequate speed in the networks to make video games work properly, PC events take place. The LAN parties.

In Spain they began to be produced at the end of the 90s, specifically in 1997 in Malaga, my hometown by the way. From one moment to another you would leave your room, your Nintendo64, PlayStation, Sega Saturn… Those Zeldas, Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy’s, where you lost yourself in everything and everyone. The multiplayer mode followed but you were still in your room or in that of your colleague (who has not corrupted a Mario Kart for hours at your neighbor’s house) Mario Tennis, Super smash Bros, Golden Eye, all the FIFA’s etc.

The new phenomenon appeared.

Play Video

Everything changed. Then you packed up your PC, you meet your most “frikis” friends, leave behind your 56k modem and 220ping connection at home, and start driving to the Campus Party. Then you start feeling the new environment through all your senses, an unknown world but where you meet people from different places, with the same tastes, and above all, willing to share knowledge and experiences. Illusion and naivety among the participants that turned the experience into something impressive and unheard of.

esports history

It was a nonstop-learning from minute one; networks, LAN, ping, lag, data, servers, programming, development, free software, photography, entrepreneurship, multimedia, drones, video game design, video and the addition engine that you were starting to develop: multiplayer video games on LAN , with ping 20.

CampusParty and any kind of this kind of event took place every year everywhere. The scope had no limits.


First tournaments in Campusparty began. Games like Quake and Unreal Tournament had a lot of impact at that time, team modality was important, but most of the prizes were given in the individual tournament, 1vs1, the level of each player was directly measured in the face to face. Final phases were usually played on computers provided by the organization becuase, at that time, not everyone had pc builds of the same performance, there was a lot of difference between the players.

We observe the evolution in all these years, currently competitive tournaments are very different, a significant variety of factors are considered, such as team play, positioning, strategy, “timing” etc. In addition, most of today’s players have high-performance PC builds and online connections are sufficiently stable and fast. The factors mentioned above are the exclusive ones that make a difference today.


In 1998, ClanBase was created. A website dedicated to electronic sports worldwide, eSports history change totally and the new concept we know nowadays takes relevance. The website started for Quake II qualifying tournaments. Soon it was so relevant that cups of all kinds emerged, ClanBase Eurocup, ClanBase NationCup and OpenCup. More than 2 million players and more than 250,000 registered clans distributed among games such as: Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Quake, UnrealTournament and a long etc. In 2004 the Global Gaming League (GGL) bought ClanBase and they were operating until 2013. After financial problems and difficult communication between the two organizations, it ended with the official closure of the website. Thus ending the first stage of competitive gamers of the time who will surely remember it with nostalgia and longing.


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