The NAVI, team, (Natus Vincere), founded in 2009 in Kiev and the world of eSports reject the war in Ukraine.


In this blog we will always be on the sidelines of politics and all related issues in this regard. However, there is an obvious fact, while politics separates people, eSports brings them together. The CS:GO team consists of 3 Russians and 3 Ukrainians.

los esports muestran su rechazo a la guerra en ucrania

S1mple, the best CS:GO player in the world, has left a message asking for support, advocating for humanity. He also highlighting the great people he has played with in his career: Ukrainians, Americans and Russians;

eSports reject the Ukraine war

After the outbreak of the conflict, the solidarity of many teams such as: Fnatic, G2 Esports, Astralis and MIBR, did not take long to show messages of encouragement, adding the Ukrainian flag to their logos.

Demonstrations by eSports teams and professional players have occurred throughout the day. Messages of support on social networks number in the hundreds of thousands, hoping that this conflict will end as soon as possible. We join eSports, reject the war in Ukraine.

There is no sector outside this conflict, all are harmed to some extent. The solution to the conflict seems to be very complicated since the conventional wars that we know throughout history is only a theater today. You can’t fight a country with nuclear power. Reason or dialogue is also not an effective way with bigot. Although the vast majority advocates a peaceful solution, patriotism, honor and revenge are values ​​present in human beings that sometimes only increase the number of innocent victims.

Sanctions and attrition

After the infinity of sanctions that are being carried out against Russia. Sponsors, videogame companies and many eSports agents can take a step forward against the Russian community, who are the ones who really have the power to overthrow their already worn leader after more than 2 decades.


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