E-sports & gaming will be a gamer blog dedicated to all gamers and eSports professional players. Regarding this new competitive environment that is taking place among the youngest of our society. We also going to speak about the content creator figure through Youtube and mainly now. Another aspect to highlight will be related to limited legal regulation but with a stratospheric annual monetary movement.

The competitive world of e-sports has progressively evolved in recent years. However, it has not yet realized its enormous potential. In this blog we will try to explain the causes of this slowdown, while appreciating the endless positive benefits it provides to the new society that is being cultivated. This new phenomenon is here to stay and will exceed the expectations of the electronic sector at all levels: economic, social and technical. Being in the elite is going to be very difficult, short and within the reach of very few.

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Most relevant gamers nowadays. The synergy that flows in the top teams. The figure of coaching, which in the coming years will probably be the support that will make this new competitive system remain in time. We insist on this point, because coach figure of the future will be formed from the pro gamers of today. The experience factor will be essential to help future generations in a more precise way. A very young generation, inexperienced and immature but with impressive technical and skill potential. We will also inform about new competitive eSports projects that may arise.

All the technological and computer elements that make gamer world more comfortable. Information and comparison of gaming products in our Marketplace and an endless amount of content that we leave for the unboxing section!


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