#4 manufacturing types of gaming mouse pad, Artisan and our main ranking.

– Nowadays sensors perfomancer are working properlly in any surface. However, gaming mousepad use prevent material damage to your mouse and facilitates comfort and precision.

Companies works with 4 kind of materials:


We are going to analyze mainly the cloth ones, which are the ones with good performance, best relation quality/money and the most demanded by the gamer community. Plastic ones are used by some casual players and business office, while the aluminum and glass ones are used by some pro players for their speed but require a lot of precision and are not widely used, mainly due to deterioration.



We need to set a point about this kind of gaming mouse pad because they are used by some pro players. This kind of mousepad are really quick and their manage is hard. If we consider their lifespan, they are expensive.


Before getting into the matter, we need to be clear about some concepts which we will use to talk about gaming mouse pad;

* “Stopping power“: It is a term used in the gamer world and refers to the stopping power that you exert on the mouse when you make a sudden or fast movement when aiming. You do a quick turn until you find your target then “insta stop” the whole move as a reflex action. When mouse pad is less fluffy it is less soft and, therefore, it costs more to drag the mouse with precision and viceversa; when mousepad is softer the movement of the mouse roughly on the pad is more satisfactory.

* “Tracking“: It refers to the action of following the target with the sight while it is moving in a medium-long distance (the smoothness of these artisan mouse pads allows you to make the well-known micro corrections). If the target enters close range, its movement speed relative to your position increases, making it more difficult to track with the sight. It is at this moment, when the next concept appear: “flick shots” *, sharp turns of the mouse.

There are 4 types and 3 versions for each type.


The slowest.


Medium-Low Speed


High speed


The fastest, it is very difficult to control the mouse over it.

3 VERSION each type


Less fluffy, less stopping power *

Flick shots * with greater difficulty. More accurate tracking *.


Soft, fluffy.

Greater stopping power, less accurate tracking.


Maximum level of softness, fluffiness. Greater stopping power to make “flick shots”, complicated “tracking” 


We delve with shidenkai, the fastest. It is really difficult to manage the control on it, only few people are able to do it, mainly – pro players. Mouse feels like it is on an ice rink, top speed. Made by glass, therefore, not last for long because of the grind down, artisan mousepad durability is about 6 months, then you start feeling the lost of functionality. If you are a professional and can afford that expense, it would not be a problem.

[As an anecdote for those who have never used them, the shidenkai wear a Hien under the glass layer. You can remove it with a knife very carefully, so you do not harm the Hien]


In general, Artisan mats tend to be rougher, tougher, and are the fastest. It is difficult to explain the touch so let’s put examples for clarity:

  • If you choose an Artisan Zero/Mid = balanced, both for the “tracking” since they are MID, and for the “stopping power” since they are ZERO and it slows down.
  • If you choose an Artisan Rayden, soft or X-soft, they are fast but with greater stopping power. (useful for games like Valorant, Counter CS go, Rainbow 6)

These mousepads are made in Japan and along with the shipping costs the price increase a lot.

In the first video, we see a comparasion of the different versions that we have previously classified. In the second we have a Shidenkai (which we remember were the glass ones, the fastest, we try to balance with the MID-Zero version, but still notice how the mouse flies across the surface) in the last minute of the video (14 ‘) Explain why this type of mat should not be for you anyway.


We have tried the Ninja FX Hien Soft, it is at the intermediate level within the artisan, probably the most appropriate to begin with Artisans, therefore, our recommendation in this section is the following

Ninja FX Hien Soft


But if we leave “matrix”, we return to the real world and we set aside professional way, there are other very good options on the market that cover all needs with decent prices and perfomance.

They are the ones we analyze below.


Most popular, best perfomance and decent price.

Logitech G640


SteelSeries QCK Heavy


Zowie G-SR-SE


Hyperx Fury S pro

Amazon links not available, page under construction, sorry for the inconvenience.

They all boast great performance features at a much more affordable price than Artisan, and after we’ve tried many more, this is our personal selection that can serve as a guide for you.

Tip for washing mousepad

Use lizard soap and a soft sponge to do not damage the fabric. The water should be lukewarm and let it dry in the shade, never in the sun because it gets harder / stuffy and loses all its functionality.

Another important aspect that, by the way Artisan takes good care of, is transportation. The mats must be packed in a flat box without folding, if this is not possible, it should not be rolled, under any circumstances, with the sliding part inwards, which is with which you use the mouse. In the event that a mat is rolled, it will always be done with the sliding part facing outwards, otherwise the sliding part may wrinkle and deteriorate.

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