|We classified this review into 3 parts: type of grip, best gaming mouse list and "multimouse"

Main target of this guide is the analysis of the best gaming mouse and, specifically, the one that best suits your preferences.

The characteristics of a gaming mouse are aimed at a specific type of user, the gamer. Whether professional, casual or content creators (always aimed at videogame users).

This article is based on the experience of several decades as a player of many online games. This does not mean that it is adaptable and shared by all types of users, but it can serve as a guide.

Before getting into the matter, the classification of this review is presented in 3 parts: Grip types, best gaming mouse and, finally, we are going to mention a couple of devices that adapt to all types of users.


In this first part we are going to determine 3 grip types, but as mentioned, the hybrid or intermediate options can be multiple.

It is also convenient to add that these types of grip can fluctuate from one type to another in each player depending on many factors such as: game genre, mouse type, hand size, number of hours of dedication, etc.

In each type of grip, we are going to mention some mouse that can adapt well to this specific grip type. If you press the mouse button will take you into the detailed characteristics.

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Palm Grip

It is probably the most popular grip type, for both gamers and users in general, since it is the most comfortable grip where your hand rests better and less damaging to your wrist. The colored part of the image is the one that your hand touches, in this case, resting on the entire mouse.

The movement is carried out by the arm, there is not influence by  the wrist, therefore, precision decreases. It is obvious that the muscles of the arm logically have a lower precision than the movement of the wrist where the distance with the mouse is much smaller. This can be relative depending on each player. There are professional players with this type of grip with excellent precision.

This grip type is common for players with larger hands because it would be uncomfortable with a small mouse.

They are usually larger mouse. The height must be greater than 4cm, and wide enough with respect to your hand. If you have a large hand and palm grip, you need a mouse approximately 13cm long!

The arm is the owner that performs the movement of the mouse.

Claw Grip

For this grip type, mouse is grasped by pressing with the thumb and little finger at the same time, closing the angle of the hand palm by touching the mouse with the end of it. While the remaining fingers remain claw-shaped. In the image we can see the colored part that the hand touches.

It is the type of intermediate grip between palm grip and fingertip grip that we will see below.

It maintains part of the comfort of the palm grip and part of precision of the finger grip. Also your fingers are always ready for the click, which improves the reflections response. It is probably the most used among professional gamers.

It is also worth highlighting the “Flick shots” (a term widely used in the world of esports that refers to rapid movements with the intention of shooting your target almost without looking, as if it were a reflex action), it is a easier movement, in theory, with the ClawGrip grip, but this rule is not absolute.

Mouses importants characteristics are their width and their “butt”, “hump” or rear part, which should be slightly higher than finger tip mouse. Intermediate size.

“Owners” of the moves are the thumb and little finger together with the wrist.

Fingertip Grip


Fingers are the protagonists, both in the movement of the mouse and in its control. Thumb, ring finger and little finger are the motors of the movement and precision ability is placed on the wrist. There is not so much pressure from the thumb and little finger since the ring finger takes great relevance in this type of grip.

Accuracy but discomfort. (It can be uncomfortable after several hours playing in this position, however, for certain users it may be the opposite, a matter of preferences)

In this type, we must consider “Tracking” as a positive aspect, which in shooters refers how you follow your objective with the peephole, making small corrections if necessary. With this grip the tracking is done precisely.

This grip is not recommended for novice players, as it requires skill with the mouse.

This is usually the grip type for players with long hands.

Light and flat mouse. When you check the dimensions, the height must be less than 4cm (because the ass, or hump, for the fingertip it is not necessary then the flatter the better.

These sizes are indicative and must be taken depending on the grip type. It is also considered that the same player can go from a ClawGrip to a FingerGrip in the same FPS game depending on the situation. Therefore, this classification should be taken as a guide so that everyone can make their own decisions.

Some gamers alternate different mouse style for different types of genres games. There is also faithful players to a single mouse that adapts to all kinds of scenarios.

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Points to keep in mind

There are studies on a multitude of factors to choose a good mouse that suits your needs, but in this guide we will simplify that choice to make the decision easier for us.

In the following classification we will try to highlight several factors when choosing a mouse to play, there are more elements or circumstances, but as we have commented we summarize it:


Professional gamer, content creator, casual and grip type. Most of the recommendations that we will see are for all types of gamers, only the last 2 leave the professional scene.


Dimensions, weight, ergonomic, control, agility.


High, medium or low spectrum

This is a simple object but of great importance when playing, so we are going to make it practical and simple. Today the technological aspect is very well achieved by most of market company. From 25-30€ the performance and quality of any mouse is more than acceptable to be able to play decently, if you are good, mouse does not matter.

The following 3 elements that we are going to cite below, we are going to summarize without going into details because mouse list overcome these considerations easily.


The main difference from a laser sensor to an optical one is that laser got more accurate in constant movements and tracking at low speeds, but the pace of acceleration at high speeds loses precision. While the optics also have very good precision, although not as perfect as lasers, the sensitivity and DPI options in the optics allow you to control with great performance at high speeds.


Pixels per inch is a very relative concept when choosing a mouse. It has been used as a marketing technique, the more DPI the better, and this is not the true. There are professional gamers who play at 400 dpi, others 800 but noone is using 16000 DPI. Maybe if you have a 1.5 meter wide monitor when browsing your desktop you should consider a 16k DPI mouse.

The best DPI / sensitivity combination is the one that you test, train and that one which you are feeling comfortable, all mouse today pass this test.


Always cable.. Better latency, you don’t need to charge battery or buy batteries and cheaper. Most of the mouses that we are going to highlight below are wired.

A wireless mouse can be more comfortable by not pulling the cord and by carrying it around. But to have good latency they are usually expensive and you have to remember to control the battery!


Logitech G Pro


Zowie ec3c


Logitech G703 Lightspeed

~91€ / ~65€ cable

SteelSeries Rival 600


Razer Viper Ultimate


Razer Viper Mini


Razer DeathAdder V2




Glorious Model O-


Cooler Master MM710


* The products prices are subject to daily variations and / or modifications so an approximate value is established.

In this review we do not establish an ordered ranking because the preferences according to hand size and type of grip are relative.

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The models that we are going to present below can be adapted to all uses, all types of grip and game genres, since they present a greater range of options. Button amounts is essential for WoW, MMO games, where there are countless skills, and they also have a very efficient macro system. They are also very good mouse for playing MOBA-type games, which require fewer skills but where precision and control are also very important. As for the optical sensors, these are high-performance compatible with the precision required for FPS games.


  • Mouse for all types of gamers and game genres.
  • We leave the professional scene, these mouses have characteristics that adapt to all types of games (FPS, MMO, RPG, etc.).
  • They have a good optical sensor, they adapt to any grip type, they have a multitude of buttons to set macros and keybinds.

Logitech g502


Corsair Scimitar PRO

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