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No doubts, one of the highlights of 2021 in the world of eSports for Spain was the presentation of Ibai and Pique’s eSport Team, an streamer and soccer player. Team’s name is KOI.

It refers to a Japanese legend of fish called Koi that swam against the current achieving an almost impossible goal, perseverance symbol, strength and good fortune.

On the right, it’s presentation at the Palau San Jordi, Barcelona, Spain.

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Team will compete in the LoL Superliga, Spain, and from February it will be in Valorant, one of the fastest growing shooters today, they will start the new adventure in the next VRL Spain. This is the compostion of Ibai and Pique’s eSports team nowadays.

League of Legends

Trainer: Jesús Pérez (Falco) / Spain / @Falco_lol

Suport trainer: Tiago Rodríguez (Aziado) / Portugal / @AziadoLoL

Manager: David Sabater (Saba) / Spain / @sabaREFORMED

Top: Enzo González (SLT) / France / @Slt_lol1

Jungle: Luis Pérez (Koldo) / Spain / @Koldo_LoL

MID: Jorgen Elgaen (Hatrixx) / Norway / @HatrixxLoL

AD: Rafa Ayllón (Rafitta) / Spain / @Rafitta_tt

Suport: Daniel Binderhofer (Seaz) / Austria / @seazlol


It will be three former UCAM players who join KOI.

  • Ladislav Sachr “Sacake”,
  • Oskar Palmqvist “PHYRN”
  • Gabriel Gessle “shrew”.

They are joined by two other players:

  • Joona Parviainen «H1ber»
  • Gabriel Marques «starkk»
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The popularity of both famous (Pique and Ibai) caused that in the team debut spectators numbers reached 477 thousand on Twitch. For this event, a friendly match was organized against Karmine Corp: leading by the famous player of Fnatic and G2 Esports, Rekkles. Match won by KOI squad, Ibai and Pique’s eSport team (2-1).

In this season that has just started, KCorp will play in the LFL which has begun on the 12th of January of this year 2022, while KOI will do so in the Superliga española(in this link you can follow all the news) that began on January 10. Both teams could meet again at the European Masters Spring 2022, In this link you have information about the masters of last year 2021.

Gerard Pique, co-founder of KOI, joins a long list of professional soccer players who have created E-sports teams, here are some examples:


Finally, lets give a point about a new phenomenon that is going on actually. Balloon World Cup has already been registered as a trademark by these two greats businessmen. Some of you may wonder; What are we talking about? Well, Ibai Llanos and Gerard Pique have “invented” this new sport and have undertaken a business project that has had unprecedented commercial success.

The idea consists of an 8 square meter track that simulates being the living room of your house, it must be occupied by different elements or obstacles, two teams and a balloon. What follows is very simple and easy or very complicated, launch the balloon into the air and hit it once each team without it falling to the ground.

They have a twitter account with more than 160,000 followers, official Ballon World Cup store on Amazon, and they have also bought the rights to the Copa América de Fútbol and thus be able to broadcast the matches on Twitch for free.

This makes us rethink how communication is currently evolving. We can imagine the costs of the project, probably without a very significant initial outlay. It is true that the sum of the popularity of these two entrepreneurs places them at an advanced starting point, but surely there are other factors that should be worthy of marketing analysis.

If you want to be aware of what happens in KOI team, these are their social networks!

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