What to play today?

Are you done after a Warzone game where the aimbot guy appears and your winning rampage ends … then you give a try in WoW and you meet that guy who knows your position all the time and does not let you do your daily quests … As last option, you turn on a new LoL game, but of course, there is always someone from the toxic community that makes you mute the chat, but even so that guy mortifies your game because the only thing he wants to do is drive you crazy…  according to him you did not help him in a key moment !?

Or are you simply looking to define your preferences about online game genres, those that require precision or maybe you are just looking for adrenaline! Well, here we present some options with great relevance nowadays. Where you can find another game according to your tastes, in addition, the flow of players is considerable.

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First of all, we are going to make a brief summary of the different genres that we can find. It will be a selection because there are many around, but we focus on the most popular and mainly online.

The following genres that we are going to highlight are those that have also contributed to the competitiveness of E-sports. Many of them were born many years ago and are still of great relevance in tournaments and events.

Most relevant games on Steam

Online game genres

In order to answer the question what to play today, here it is a graphic at December 2021, in this image we can see the number of people and the games most demanded by the community through the Steam platform. Obviously this will vary over time. But collecting data and analyzing past graphs we can come to the conclusion that the most demanded genres are: FPS, MOBA and MMORPG.

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